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Construction Elevators

The next level

The neccesary partner for scaffolding

For material and passenger transport GEDA elevators are the best choice.

Thanks to several platform versions and lifting heights, GEDA elevators are really versatile.

Thanks to the two separate control systems, the lift basket can be used as a construction lift only for the transport of bulky loads, or as a transport surface for the transport of people and materials.

The question of humane constructions and the health of workers is increasingly becoming the focus of those in charge of construction areas. Towing bulky loads for many years often has a negative effect on the health of employees. The result is absences caused by illness - mainly due to back pain.

Whether it is a roof lift, a transport platform or a lift for people and materials, GEDA©a construction hoist protects the strength of people working on the construction site and significantly facilitates everyday work on difficult construction sites.


Laboriously dragging bulky building materials through narrow stairs or recklessly balancing on ladders has become a thing of the past thanks to GEDA's construction elevators.

Institute of Ballet - GEDA© 1500 Z/ZP "B" and "BS"

Budapest - 2021

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