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Facade Scaffolding

More than 20 years in the service of the construction industry

Facade scaffold construction Layher © Blitz™

with rack system

Lightning-fast construction, hundreds of accessories and flexible sizes.

It consists of only 6 basic elements, which can be conveniently assembled in a few simple steps. The snap-on technique, the very light Lightweight frames and the ergonomic design help with quick construction.

Uncompromising safety already during construction. It consists of well-thought-out elements, so the structure is stable even during construction, which minimizes the possibility of accidents during work.

It can be assembled from a few basic elements and with little labor input, so the simple and dimensionally accurate elements mean time and cost savings. A long service life ensures a return on investment.


WestSide Apartments - Facade Scaffolding

2022 - Budapest

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