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To our expanding team

Forklift Driver


we are looking for a colleague

Gödö, Budapest and its surroundings.

Main tasks:

  • The Construction and Material Handling Machine:

    • Proper treatment

    • Keeping it clean

    • Supervision

    • Monitoring your accessories


Job requirements:

  • accurate, precise work

  • demanding of his work and environment

It is an advantage to fill the position:

  • neighborhood residence

  • immediate start of work

Necessary experience and language skills:

  • No experience required

  • No language skills required

Place of work:

Göd and Budapest and its surroundings​.

Benefits, working hours:

  • Support for going to work

  • Regular professional education

  • Full-time

  • 40 hours of work per week

  • A shift work schedule

Areas of work:

  • Physical, Assistant, Trained work

  • Material handling, Loading

  • Trained work

  • Professional work

What we offer:

  • long-term, stable job opportunity
  • competitive income

  • family atmosphere

  • cultured, orderly work environment

  • full reported employment


We are looking for a CV with a photo to the following email

For any questions, contact our colleague: Ferencz Botond: +36 20 371 9509

Ballet Institute - GEDA© 1500 Z/ZP "B" and "BS"

Budapest - 2021

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